Sonntag, 7. Mai 2023 · 19:30 · English lecture Sonderveranstaltung

The JUICE-Mission: ESA’s launch to the icy moons of Jupiter! Live in English

• Zum internationalen Tag des Planetariums am 7. Mai  — 100 Jahre Planetarium 2023–2025 •

The JUICE Mission: Europe heading to Europa and the other icy moons of Jupiter!

Exclusive Livestream from Planetarium Hamburg in cooperation with ESA and IPS

Event in English · Fragen und Diskussion auch auf Deutsch möglich

Sunday, 07 May 2023, 7:30 p.m.
Venue: Volkssternwarte München, Rosenheimer Str. 145h, 81671 München

On the occasion of the new International Day of Planetariums on May 7, an exclusive all-European livestream, organized and hosted by Planetarium Hamburg together with ESA and IPS – soon celebrating the 100th anniversary of the invention of the planetarium in Jena and Munich – featuring ESA mission heads, presenting the JUICE mission and its objectives.


„Europa, we are coming!“ – ESA’s JUICE mission

Exclusive livestream from Planetarium Hamburg in cooperation with ESA and IPS


Cosmic camels would choose Europa!

‚Where there is water, there is life‘!?

Jupiter’s icy moons host lots of it, at least water. Even more than Earth.
ESA’s space probe JUICE launched on April 14th, heading towards Europa, Ganymede and Callisto with their hidden oceans, to find out more about the possibilities of extraterrestrial life in the universe. (JUICE stands for JUpiter ICy moons Explorer and was developed and built by Airbus for ESA.)

After a final Ariane-5-launch on April 14 from Korou, JUICE is now on its way to Jupiter. Yet, there is a whole bunch of swing-by-manoeuvres along Venus and Earth necessary before the probe makes it final push to the outer regions.

On this occasion representatives of ESA are the guests on the stage of Planetarium Hamburg: The mission heads of „JUICE“ will report on Jupiter and its moons, on the „JUICE“ spaceship, and on its research goals: What is found under the ice of the „Europa“ ? And what mysteries will Jupiter itself reveal to us?
Join us on a fascinating voyage of discovery to the „King of the Planets“ and his companions!
The event will be presented in English, and will be broadcast live from Hamburg to the participating planetariums worldwide.

Join us for free at Munich Public Observatory (Volkssternwarte München) on the new International Day of Planetariums on May 7, as we are swiftly approaching the opening ceremony of the centennial on October 21, 2023.

Der internationale Livestream ist in English. Fragen und Diskussionen vor Ort sind auch auf Deutsch möglich.

Due to our technical limitations we will show the stream in our lecture room. For guests who yet do not know our cosy little planetarium short 10-minute-shows can be arranged before or after the event (free of charge, of course).

It is possible to ask questions to the ESA experts during the event (which we would – if necessary, translate and – forward), though we cannot guarantee that all questions can or will be answered as many planetariums all over Europe are participating, so possibly many questions will arise.

Entrance free.
Reservation recommended (see below).

Come along and let’s fly from Europe to Europa and the other icy moons of Jupiter!

Free registration

Entrance free.
Registration recommended due to limited number of seats.

Admission from 7:00 p.m.
Duration: ca. 60 minutes plus time (ca. 30 min.) for questions / discussion.

!!! PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE CONSTRUCTION WORKS and the BLOCKING of the front entrance to our courtyard !!!
A little detour of about 200 meters / 3 minutes by foot may be necessary (depending from where you come), and the barrier-free accessibility is slightly impaired.
For further information and a map, please see here.

The event will be in English. Fragen und Diskussion auch auf Deutsch möglich.
Short planetarium demonstrations (ca. 10-15′) are possible before or after the live event.

Donations welcome.